Google is rolling out the latest update to Android Studio. Android Studio is the official development environment for Android and  provides all the tools for building apps for Android.
Android Studio 3.1 Update allows Kotlin lint code quality checks to run via the command line using the “gradlew lint” command. SQL/Room database editing has also been improved with SQL code completion, statement reinforcing, and code navigation.
The dex compiler in Android Studio 3.1 is now D8 by default. D8 dexing makes app sizes smaller, enables accurate step debugging, and leads to faster builds in general. Make sure the has no android.enableD8 flag or make sure it’s set to true.
Latest version of the Android Emulator now supports the Play Store and Google APIs on API 27 (Oreo) and Android P developer preview. The new frameless mode makes it easy to test apps in the increasingly common 18:9 aspect ratio or with a display notch.
Android Studio 3.1 includes performance profiling Kotlin and Java language app code as well as the ability to profile C++ code in your app. You can record C++ method traces with the C++ profiler. You can upgrade your current install or download a new build from the Android Studio site.