The World Health Organization has recommended frequent washing of hands among a slew of other measures to halt the spread of COVID-19. Hand wash is taken into account effective only it lasts for a full 20 seconds, consistent with healthcare professionals,” Samsung said in a politician release.

Things need to Remember by all.

“The ‘Hand Wash’ app allows users to trace their daily wash trends to create healthy habit over a period,” it added. the appliance also allows users to intuitively track their daily wash routine. whenever the user initiates the wash sequence, the ‘Hand Wash’ app tracks the time and provides users with feedback after 25 seconds of the wash cycle.

“Five seconds are for turning on the faucet and applying soap, while 20 seconds are for actual hand wash. The ‘Hand Wash’ app also notifies users if they miss any of scheduled pit stops to the wash basin,” the corporate said. The app is out there via the Galaxy Store.

The SRI-B employees who developed the app were mostly performing from home once they built it, Samsung said. The ‘Hand Wash’ app also features watch face, allowing users to intuitively track their daily wash routine. Moreover, the watch face also shows the time period since last wash to offer users a way of alertness about their hygiene in real time.

Samsung India in the week also pledged a contribution of ₹20 crore to the Union and State governments during a bid to assist authorities combat Covid-19. The Korean tech giant has also provided thousands of preventive masks and private Preventive Equipment (PPE) kits to hospitals. it’s also providing Infra-red Thermometers and Public Address systems for hospitals and other facilities along side Air Purifiers for medical facilities.

Detailed Features of this App.

  • The app also notifies users if they miss any wash basin pit stops.
  • 5 seconds are for turning on the tap and soaping, and 20 for hand washing.
  • The app gives users a wash time counter of 25 seconds.