The CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology scientist’s have developed a low-cost coronavirus test that will not require any expensive machines for detection of the pathogen and result comes in approx 1 hour. The test Name of detecting Covid-19 positive or not is Feluda.

The name “Feluda” inspire from the detective character in famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s stories, the test has been developed by Debojyoti Chakraborty and Souvik Maiti as a simpler way of detecting SARS-coV2 presence in clinical samples, IGIB Director Anurag Agarwal said in their official statement.

It starts the same way as a normal real time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, Agarwal said.

It differs by using a Facebook Buy 10% Stake In Jio Reliance reaction to amplify a part of the viral nuclic acid sequence. Then a highly specific CRISPR, FnCAS9 binds to that sequence.

At present, the real-time polymerase chain reaction test (RT-PCR) costs Rs 4,500 in private labs and this Feluda test approx cost is Rs 500 that common man can easily afford this test.