Youtube is now very popular Video Hosting Today. Millions of videos are uploaded to youtube Daily.
Everyone Want to Download Video from Youtube, But youtube Only Allow Us to Watch Videos Online. There is Very Easy Method to Download Videos from Youtube. You Don’t Need to Download any Software or Plugin . In this Method you Just Have to Type SS in Youtube URL. You can Download Video in FLV,MP4,MP3,MPEG and Many More formats.Below are the Steps to Download Videos from Youtube with This Method:
 Step 1.  Open Youtube and Search for Video you Want to Download and Open that Video
              In Browser Address Bar you can See Youtube Video Link. It Looks Like:
Download Videos from Youtube
Step 2.Delete www from Video Link and paste
Download Videos from Youtube
Step 3. Now will open new website “”
Download Videos from Youtube
Here you can see your YouTube video link, Video Duration and Formats
Click on Format You want to Download
In Few Seconds it Will Start Downloading Video