The Goolge Pixel Buds comes with improved audio hardware, fast pairing, adaptive sound listening and a $179 price tag, air buds are shaping up to be a seductive set of headphones. Goolge wireless earbuds all refreshed specs are available to purchase as of yesterday (April 27 , 2020).

Google Pixel Buds Design

Google Pixel Buds comfirtably fit inside your ears, creating a low profile and Stylish look. Google says that the pair won’t be knocked out of your ears easily, which is usually a concern with truly wireless earbuds like other product like Realme and Apple True wirless Airpods. According to the Goolge, it scanned thousands of ears to come up with a design that’s comfortable for most people.

Google Pixel Buds 2

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It comes with Flexible eartips 3 different sizes create a seal on your ears, while spatial vents should alleviate that plugged-ear feeling. The Pixel Buds are sweat and water resistant, too, meaning they’ll fare fine during runs or other workouts.

Google Pixel Buds New Technology

Custom 12-millimeter dynamic speakers
dual beam-forming microphones and
voice accelerometer.

The Pixel Buds introduced new Adaptive Sound technology also uses the built-in microphones to automatically adjust your music volume based on the real-time changing noises in your environment same as previously used noise cancellation technology.

Google Wirless Air Buds 2

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It packs with Google Assistant, of course. Just say, Ok Google for hands-free music control, notification sound announcements, weather reports etc.

Pixel Buds Battery

Google Pixel Buds offers 5 hours of listening time and an additional 24 hours with the companion charging case that provided with the box. A quick 10-minute charge in the case gives you 2 hours of listening time, while an hour will give you a full charge.It Comes with Qi Certified, so you can charge them up with any wireless charger.

Google Buds Vs Apple Airpod vs Galaxy Buds vs Amazon Echo Buds

Google Buds Vs Apple Airpod vs Galaxy Buds vs Amazon Echo Buds