Epic Games Store, the digital video game marketplace, published the highly popular game Grand Theft Auto V commonly known as “GTA V” for free on May 14 2020 on official website store. After the game went online for free, In a short time there is a surge in users led to heavy traffic that caused slowdowns and error messages on the Epic Store website and launcher app. Epic Games acknowledged the issues and said it is working on fixing them. As per the tweet by the Epic Games Store official account, most of the users should be able to access the Epic Games Store and the launcher.

GTA is no ordinary gaming series, it is always in trending in terms of gaming segment. Additionally, it was also the best selling game on PS 4 in April 2020, even years after its launch. And now same will apply on PC Version.

Don’t Worry about it, If you have never used Epic Game Store for downloading of games. Just follow the simple steps, All you need to do is visit the website right here. In the website you’ll need to create an account or simply log in on an existing one. Signing up for a new one won’t take too long either. After logging in, simply click to the “Free Games” section, where you’ll see GTA V featuring there. Click on Get and you will start receiving download file and enjoy the gaming.