When a single computer is used by many users and then we have to protect our data from The File/Folder hiding is good option for hiding our data and provide protection to our data. In home computer, where a computer is used by both child and parent, there is chance of accidentally damage our data by childrens. The better solution to this problem is to hide our data to provide it protection against accidentally damage. There are various methods to hide our data. Today We will Explain you the Simplest Method to Hide Files/Folders. In This Method you Do Not have to Install Any Additional Software, Windows have Inbuilt Option to Hide Files/Folders.
Hide File/Folder With Windows Folder Options:
1. Click on My computer icon. Now you see my computer Window.
2. In My computer Window, look for organize button in Top Menu Bar.
3. Click Organize button. Now you see a dialog box.
4. In dialog box windows click on Folder and Search option.
Hide Files & Folder In Windows

5. Now you see another dialog box. In the next dialog box click on view button.
6. In the Next windows you see hidden files and folder option.
7. In the hidden files and folder option select the Don’t show hidden files and folder radio button.
8. Click on Apply button and then click OK.

Hide Files & Folder In Windows

In case you want to show hidden files and folder then select second option given below the don’t show option as shown in image.
Hide Folder From Files Properties:
1. Right click on the file/folder which you want to hide.
2. After right click you see a popup menu.
3. Under the menu select the properties option.
Hide Files & Folder In Windows

4. After clicking properties you will see a dialog box.
5. In the dialog box under the general Tab you will see a attributes option.
6. In front of attribute option tick the hidden option.
7. Click on Apply button and then click OK. Now your folder become completely hidden.
Hide Files & Folder In Windows

If you want to see hidden file or folder then you need to follow 1st method explained in this article. Simply select show hidden files option and then open properties of hidden file and uncheck the hidden option.