Pen Drive or USB Drive is popular in the digital world for instant transfer of data. Using USB Flash Drives, one can easily transfer large files from one PC to another, from PC to laptop, from laptop to TV etc. This technology has made our work easier than can move Gigabytes of information into just a tiny pen drive within few seconds.
Some times when you can get irritated with slow data transfer speed of pen drives while copying data in pen drives. We Will Provide you some Tips & Tricks in this Post to Increase Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed.

Following are Some Factors Responsible for Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed:

Pen drive ageing and Brand– Ageing is common factor for any device that when it becomes old, it get slower. Good Brand Product Gives Faster Performance.
Type and Number of files-The Transfer Speed of Data also depends on the files type. Media Files Like Songs, Videos and Documents take less time in transfer, while application files take for time for transfer, because Antivirus Scan Files while Transfering. Data Transfer Speed also Depends on Number of Files. 1 File of 500MB will take less time than 100 files of 400MB.
USB Version-Data Transfer Speed is also Depends on USB Version. Old Version 2.0 USB Port have Slower Transfer Speed upto 480 MBPS and Latest Version 3.0 USB Port gives Transfer Speed upto 4.8 GBPS.

Tips & Tricks to Increase USB Transfer Speed:

NTFS File System – To Increase Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed Pen Should be in NTFS Files System.To Covert Pen Drive Files System Right click on your Pendrive, Click on Format,Select NTFS File system, Uncheck Quick Format And Click On Start.
Disk errors-To Fix Disk erros Right Click on Pen Drive, Click on Properties, then Click ‘tools’ tab. You will find a ‘check now’ button, click it and then click ‘start’ to fix the errors. This WIll Take Some time depends on Pen Drive Size.
Increase Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed

Device Policy-Change Device Policy to “Better Performance” for Faster Data Transfer Speed.
To Change Device Policy go to Properties of Pen Drive> Click Hardware Tab>Select Pen Drive and Click on Properties in Footer>Change Setting in Footer>Policies Tab> Tick Better Performance and Click Ok.
Note: This Option may Damage Pen Drive if you not Use “Sefety Remove Device” while remove Pen Drive.

Increase Pen Drive Data Transfer Speed