Lifi is 100 times Faster than WiFi
It’s time to shift from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi — an alternative technology that is 100 times faster than the average speeds of Wi-Fi.
Scientists have just field-tested the new wireless technology called Li-Fi for the first time and achieved marvelous wireless speeds that are 100 times faster than current WiFi speeds.

Li-Fi Technology

Li-Fi is a new wireless technology that transmits high-speed data using light (i.e. Visible Light Communication or VLC) rather than radio bands.
Scientists achieved mind-blowing speeds of 224 gigabits per second (Gbps) in the lab using Li-Fi. It’s believed that this technology has the potential to change everything about the way we use the Internet today.
Professor Harald Haas, from the University of Edinburgh in the UK, is widely recognised as the original founder of Li-Fi.