Xiaomi has introduced MIUI 12, the company’s next-generation UI for its smartphones at an event. It brings improved visual effects, new wallpapers, privacy improvements that now shows all sensitive behaviours of an app, Improved Xiaomi ’s AI phone assistant with AI calling and support for dialling, especially helpful for the hearing impaired. Xiaomi has also optimized the motion recording algorithm adding sleep monitoring so that it can record snoring. The company says that it is offline and will not send the recorded data.

It Support Dark mode 2.0 with 42 inbuilt applications and 20 mainstream applications are deeply customized for MIUI’s dark mode. It dynamically inverts colours for each interface object. In the dark mode, font weight is adjusted dynamically to reduce glare and blur, screen brightness is automatically adjusted for accurate colour, high contrast and contents are sharper in light environment.

Self-developed physical animation engine rewrites the underlying rendering mechanism. Through the MAML illustration engine, Folme animation engine, and MiRender rendering engine, elegant visual and animation effects such as perfect dynamic rounded corners, advanced colour mixing, control-level real-time blur, physical space motion, and dynamic forms are improved.

Natural and vital climatic elements in weather app that lets you feel the climate change such as sunshine, breeze, rain, snow, hail etc. by simulating them on the screen Picture-in-Picture lets you drag an app to the side to transform into a small window when using full-screen apps like video players or playing games

Privacy improvements includes Flare, Barbed Wire, and Mask Privacy System. Flare logs what all app has access to cameras, microphone, or GPS location. Barbed Wire asks only once, allow every time, or reject option when app asks for location, microphone, or camera access and Mask System prevents untrusted apps from accessing contacts, calendar, call logs.

Miui Theme 2020

Miui Theme 2020


Automatic answer for spam calls: Set callers to be automatically answered by AI, so they don’t disturb you, and you can also view the call log afterwards. AI calling for Hearing impaired, so they can communicate with others by phone. To answer a call using AI calls, you enter text, and Xiaoai helps you communicate with each other.

Miui Theme 2020

Miui Theme 2020

Self-developed AI motion algorithm for sleep tracking with accurate identification, low power consumption based on Xiaomi MACE Micro. Not only is the data accurate and high-precision, it also saves power, and the power consumption is less than 1% throughout the day Automatically record a whole day of movement when the mobile phone pocket. In addition to Walking, it can now detect running, cycling, and climbing stairs automatically.

MIUI 12 closed beta will roll out in China today. MIUI 11 stable Chinese ROM will be rolled out for range of devices by June, said Xiaomi. No details about the Global ROM yet.

First set of devices that will get MIUI 12 update in China

Xiaomi Will Unveil Mi 10 Lite and MIUI 12 on April 27th
*Mi 10
*Mi 10 Youth Edition
*Mi 9 Pro 5G
*Mi 9 Transparent Edition
*Mi 9
*Redmi K30 Pro 5G
*Redmi K30 Pro
*Redmi K30 5G
*Redmi K30
*Redmi K20 Pro
*Redmi K20

Second Batch:

*Mi Mix 3
*Mi Mix 2S
*Mi CC9 Pro
*Mi CC9
*Mi CC9 Mito Customized Edition
*Mi 9 SE
*Mi 8 Pro in-display fingerprint version
*Mi 8 Transparent Explorer Edition
*Mi 8
*Redmi Note 8 Pro
*Redmi Note 7 Pro
*Redmi Note 7

Third Batch:

*Mi CC 9e
*Redmi Note 9
*Mi Max 3
*Mi 8 Lite
*Mi Mix 2
*Mi 6X
*Redmi Note 8
*Redmi 8
*Redmi 8A
*Redmi 7
*Redmi 7A
*Redmi 6 Pro
*Redmi 6

Miui Theme 2020

Miui Theme 2020