With Offline Punjabi Keyboard, You can write in Punjabi in your Computer without Internet or Extra Font.
You can Write you Folders/Files Name in Punjabi, Write in punjabi in Any Software.
Note: Text Typed with this Tool, will show on Internet and Every Computer, without any Extra Font.

Click Here to Download Punjabi Keyboard

How to Use Punjabi Keyboard:
1. Download Punjabi Keyboard from Above Link

2. Open Downloaded File
It Will Open a Dialogue Box

In Dialogue Box Click Extrat

After Some Processing Punjabi Keyboard will Install

After Compelition it will open another dialogue box, click on close Button.

Offline Punjabi Keyboard

3.Punjabi Keyboard is now installed in your computer. To Ue Punjabi Keyboard Open Software in which you want to write in punjabi.

4. In Taskbar, Right Side Near time, you will find “Eng” button, to switch language click on Eng BUtton and Select Punjabi.

Offline Punjabi Keyboard

5. Open Software Like Notepad to Start Writing in punjabi, to see keymap  “keyboard map” at End

Offline Punjabi Keyboard

6. To switch again to English Language, Again Click on Language button near Clock Button and Select English,
Note: you can Also Use “WIndow” and “Spacebar” Buttons to Switch Languages.

Offline Punjabi Keyboard