Photoshop : Displacement Map | Wrap Anything on Blank Fabric | Write on Anything | The Learning Ship

The Learning Ship going to show you how to apply Displacement map on your fabric in Adobe Photoshop. This effect uses bright and dark parts from the photo to conform pattern/text/image on any surface. By creating a displacement map, your pattern/text/image becomes more realistic in Adobe Photoshop.

For this we will go through following steps:

1) Open fabric picture

2) Convert it into gray scale

3) Gaussian blur it to blur the crease on fabric

4) Save it on psd format and close the file

5) Now again open the file

6) Bring pattern here

7) Distort and displace it with the psd file you saved previously

8) Do blending and give realistic view to pattern

Now, let’s swim together….. 🙂

Hope you like this tutorial and this will be helpful to you as well!

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