Photoshop Water Reflections with Realistic Ripples Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add water reflection to an image with realistic ripples in Adobe Photoshop. Just follow the steps and you will learn it quickly.

For this we will go through following steps:

1) Resize the canvas by percentage.

2) Marque and select image then ctrl+j

3) Now add, Motion blur at 90 degree angle

4) Add New layer fill with white

5) Add noise under filter menu.

6) In this layer add motion blur, gausian blur

7) Increase level to make darker

8) Add perspective under edit menu

9) Make duplicate and hide it.

10) In 2nd noise layer, use soft light blend and opacity 35%

11) 1st noise layer unhide it and ctrl+I (inverse) and same softlight blend and opacity 30%

12) Use move tool and down arrow to add waves

13) Use smudge tool to bring shaking water effect

14) Front blur with blur brush

15) Ctrl+Alt+Shitf+E and use gradient

Hope you like this tutorial and this will be helpful to you as well!

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