Xiaomi unveiled latest version of its popular custom Android ROM, MIUI 10. It brings lot of new features. we will share with you top features and changes of MIUI 10.

Gestures Support
Support for gestures is MIUI 10 newest and the exciting feature. Gestures in MIUI 10 are smooth. In Gestures you have standard swipe up to go home and swipe up and hold to access Recents Menu gestures. you also get iOS like swipe from left edge of the screen to go back. Also You can swipe from left or right edge of the screen and hold to go back to previous app instead of going back a page.

New Recents Menu
In MIUI 10, Xiaomi has new redesigned “Recents Menu. when you swipe up and hold to access the Recents Menu, app cards are displayed in mosaic tile pattern on a vertical scrolling page. it looks good and helps you see more apps at once thereby allowing you to easily switch to the apps that you are looking for. You can also press and hold on an app’s card to perform different actions such as locking it in background, entering split-screen mode, and checking the app’s info. Its very easy to clear apps from your Recents Menu. Just flick any app card to the right or left and they are closed.

Android Pie like Volume Slider and Notification Shade
MIUI 10 is completely overhauling its notification shade and volume slider menu to bring them closer to Android Pie. Notification shade features bold white background for Quick Settings Panel which looks exactly like on Android Pie. You get mute button at the bottom along with three-dot menu, tapping on which give you access to lot more options including the ability to adjust ringer, media, and alarm volume individually, Silent and DND buttons, and Count down timer. The Count down timer is very handy feature for people who forget that they have put their phone in either Silent or DND mode, it allows you to set timer after which those modes will automatically expire.

Autofill Support
MIUI also added support for Autofill, which was introduced in Android Oreo. This feature allows you to securely log into apps without having to remember passwords. It makes things easier and now MIUI users will be finally able to enjoy this feature after update to MIUI 10.

AI Features
With MIUI 10, Xiaomi has bring AI-powered features along with its own personal AI voice assistant. The “AI preload” feature which will supposedly reduces app load times to zero by studying your behavior and anticipating your actions. It will basically predict which app you are going to launch and preload it for you so that it opens instantly. There’s “AI Portrait mode” which will use AI to take pictures with bokeh effect even with a single camera sensor,

mproved Screen Recording
In MIUI 10, Xiaomi making Screen Recording tool more powerful by allowing it to record system sounds. It comes in handy for users who record gameplay videos and getting the footage with sound is just awesome.

Manage Apps
MIUI 10 is bringing brand new “Manage Apps” page inside Security app which lets you, manage all your apps. You can check for app updates, find out dual apps on your phone, check out what permissions you have granted to apps, and batch delete apps with just a few taps.