As We Discuss in Whatsapp to Soon Take Over Zoom and Other Professional Video calling Apps is currently working on extending the group call limit which is earlier not more than four.The new beta version of Whatsapp support up to eight participants in a group video or voice call, doubling the number of participants from four earlier. Whatsapp first step to compete other video confrencing apps like Zoom which Indian Government has effectively banned videoconferencing service Zoom for government users and repeated warnings that consumers need to be careful when using the tool.

This increased limit is rolling out to users on WhatsApp v2.20.133 beta for Android and WhatsApp v2.20.50.25 beta for iPhone. WhatsApp is enabling this feature for beta users on both the platforms, and it indicates that the feature should roll out soon on the stable version as well.

The WhatsApp features tracker says that users will have to be on the latest beta versions in order to be able to create a call with up to eight participants. If you have already updated you don’t see the feature, you can also try and back up your chat history and reinstall

WhatsApp to get the most updated configurations from the server. The tracker notes that WhatsApp is gradually rolling it out, and all users should get activation from the server in a few hours.

Simple Steps for Adding 8 member in Video Calling.

To place a group call on WhatsApp, you need to open the group and click on the call button on the top right. If the group has more than eight participants, WhatsApp will ask which contacts you wish to call, otherwise the call will be directly started. Group participants that aren’t saved in your address book won’t be added in the call.