Xiaomi given headstart to Chinese startup Xiaojin with Smart foldable treadmill. This smart treadmill is bit bigger than WalkingPad Mini but it equally comes with compact size and design looks very much like regular treadmills. One Problem users might encounter with WalkingPAd Mini is lack of handlebar to act as support when user is running out of steam or misses a step. Xiaojin Smart Foldable Treadmill addresses that, and provides digital electronic panel for monitoring speed and other settings of treadmill.

Smart foldable Treadmill comes with elastic running board which provides real road running experience. Handle and display panel can be folded into compact size that can be transported easily. Apart from display panel, Treadmill can also be paired with smartphone and controlled using MIJIA app.

Xiaojin Smart Foldable Treadmill is presently available on crowdfunding for 1,899 Yuan ($273).

Xiaomi crowdfunds Chinese Startup Xiaojin with Smart Foldable Treadmill