Yang Zi leather sofa set

Xiaomi launched Yang Zi leather Sofa set under crowdfunding platform. Yang Zi Leather Sofa is award-winning product as design has clinched both iF and Good Design awards. It uses American first-layer cowhide, natural fine leather fibre which is soft and comfortable to sit on. Leather used in Sofa has thickness of 1.3mm-1.5mm. Leather is also delicate, has better breathability, won’t be too hot in summer or cold in winter.

Each piece of cowhide mandatorily goes through 54 twisting processes from rawhide to cooked skin which takes 24 hours. Yang Zi leather sofa is reputed to have durability spanning close to decade which affords buyers best value for their money.

Yang Zi leather sofa has a 57cm wide sitting depth with backrest reclined to fit body curve. Each sofa cushion, side bag and bag contain sufficient natural non-stained duck feathers and double-layer high-elastic sponges of different densities are used in cushion part. After 100,000 seat tests, cushion has some guarantee against collapse.

It comes in single seater, double sitter and triple-sitter variants. It is also available in Mottled Ash and Warm Orange. Single sitter goes for 2999 yuan and double-sitter is priced at 4399 yuan. Three Seater Sofa is available for 4,999 yuan.