Xiaomi launched Tinymu Smart Toilet Seat Cover with artificial intelligence and Xiaomi’s XiaoAI voice assistance. XiaoAI assistant is adapted for Chinese speakers only and is yet to get support for English language or any other language. So that function will only be available in Chinese.

Voice assistance feature lets users control gadget using voice prompts to activate certain functions like flushing, switch on the seat heater etc. Smart Toilet Seat can also connected to MIJIA app which will let users control  app. Device also supports wristband user identification for Mi Band series users. It actively adjusts to your personalized settings (washing position, water temperature, water flow intensity, etc.) without having to adjust settings repeatedly.

Tinymu smart toilet seat has ergonomic 3D curved seat design which is used to make sitting posture more comfortable. It will beep when it is seated for 30 minutes. Seat ring has 3 speeds that can be adjusted to prevent low-temperature burning. Operator panel has a simple interface and has Braille prompts for visually challenged users.

Xiaomi launched Tinymu Smart Toilet Seat Cover with AI and Voice Assistance

Ceramic heater comes with a dual heating module which used to instantly heat cold water to comfortable temperature, adjust  position of 11-step nozzle, and cooperate with reciprocating cleaning mode to expand clear range and clean more thoroughly. Seat surface comes with imported polyethylene ultrafiltration membrane filter with an effective inhibition rate of 99.9% against E. coli and also solve risk of contact cross infection.

An imported deodorant fan which immediately absorbs unpleasant smell after the user stands up. Tinymu Smart Toilet seat cover AI version is priced at 1299 yuan

Xiaomi launched Tinymu Smart Toilet Seat Cover with AI and Voice Assistance