If you usually uses video streaming and super active on social media, you probably know about the Trending TikTok vs YouTube menace that is happening on the internet now a days. The online platforms have become a battleground for TikTok vs YouTube stars. That’s because both of them think they don’t have enough content to show and the platforms are inferior and in the middle of the entire debacle is the YouTube star CarryMinati or Ajey Nagar.

TikTok is seeing plenty of of 1-star reviews on Apple App Store and Google Play Store after the app recently found itself up against the followers of YouTuber CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar). To make condition worse for tiktok, the short-form video app got into in a controversy this week when a video from popular TikTok creator Faizal Siddiqui came to light that has been accused of glorifying acid attacks on women. A couple of 1-star reviews have been left on the TikTok app listings – bringing the ratings down from 4.5 stars to just 2 stars in a few days on Google Play Store. Additionaly #banTikTokIndia is also trending on Twitter wherein people are urging users to quit the Chinese social media platform and come to youtube for Good and update content.

Youtube vs Tiktok

Youtube vs Tiktok

TikTok currently has an average two-star rating on Google Play Store, and most of the new ratings listed are one star from last seven days. These ratings have been mostly left by Indian users calling it a ‘waste app’. Hundreds of users are leaving unfavourable reviews as well. Several users even asked for a total ban of the app in India, if not complete removal from Google Play Store. TikTok still enjoys a 4.8 star rating on App Store as Android is the prominent platform in the country.

YouTube stars roasting TikTok stars and vice versa has been happening for a very short time But this battle blew up when YouTuber CarryMinati published a video titled ‘YouTube vs TikTok: The End’ wherein he roasts TikTok creator Amir Siddiqui. This video hits millions of views before getting removed from YouTube on claims of ‘violating terms of service’. As is with the extreme fan culture, several fans of CarryMinati took to the app listing of TikTok to give 1-star reviews to show their dislike for the platform and support for YouTube. This has been further enabled by YouTube vs TikTok memes and battle content that is rife on social media platforms.

As u we all knwo, TikTok is owned by Bytedance that although incorporated in Cayman Islands is headquartered in Beijing, thus this app is linked to China. TikTok has been trying to shed this Chinese app image for some time as a significant number of its users are based in the US. This Chinese link doesn’t help TikTok among various Indian users who often call to ban Chinese goods and services on social media.